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Central Plant - State of California
Location: Sacramento, CA
Region: Northern California
Engineer: Flack & Kurtz
Customer: State of California - Department of General Services

The new State of CA Central Utility Plant uses Alerton Controls to provide chilled water and steam to 23 existing State office buildings in downtown Sacramento, CA.

The new central utility plant (CUP) replaces the original plant that was built in.  The new CUP provides steam heating and chilled water to 23 State of California office buildings located in downtown Sacramento.  The CUP features seven York Chillers, a 4.2 million gallon Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Tank, 64 variable frequency drives (VFD’s), steam turbine generator, a backup generator, high-pressure steam boilers, solar arrays, rainwater capture and CO2 monitoring.  The CUP also utilizes Composite Cooling Solutions evaporative cooling tower with 8 fans that are 200 HP each.

The CUP also uses a Hartman LOOP™, which pulls operating parameters from the installed equipment—e.g., secondary VFD speeds and cooling tower fan speeds—and then calculates the most efficient operating points of the chiller loadings and returns to the Alerton system a set of optimized setpoints that the plant facilities staff can then use to adjust the cooling tower.

The CUP’s design also required the incorporation of sustainability features into every aspect of its operations. The central plant’s facilities manager, chief engineers and their staff use the data from the plant-dedicated Alerton EMS to calculate energy use for the plant operation. The HVAC system installed by L&H Airco uses 70% less energy than current ASHRAE standards and the reduction in water consumption is approximately 90%.  The new State of CA CUP has earned LEED Platinum Certification—the highest level of “green” building design certification awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).